The majority of people, who enjoy a sports bet, are able to keep it under control but for some, it can destroy their lives.

We have put this guide together for everyone, regardless of whether you think you have a gambling problem or not. Just like any other addiction, it can creep up and before you know it, it’s affecting your life in a negative way.

It can happen to you, it can happen to your friend or family member, so keep an eye out for their welfare, as well as your own.

These tips are taken from BeGambleAware‘s website and along with, GamCare, they should be your first point of call if you think you might have a gambling problem.

We have added our own comment’s, but we recommend reading the expert’s advice by clicking here.

1. Gambling is a tough way to make money
It is very hard to beat the bookies and actually make money from gambling. That’s why we recommend following a tipster because that way, you are (or should be)placing bets using the correct stake and at value prices. The time you are exposed to gambling is also reduced. Get the email, place the bet and forget about it till the next day.

2. Don’t gamble with money you cannot afford to lose
This is so, so, important, chasing money never ends well. You might get away with it once or twice but it will (guaranteed) get you in the end. At least, if you are losing money you can afford to lose, you don’t have the added pressure of trying to find money, to pay a bill or put food on the table.

Put aside an amount of money that you can afford to lose and that is your betting bank. Keep this in a separate bank account from your living costs. There are lots of internet banks that you can open an account with.

Once opened, transfer your betting bank to your new dedicated betting bank account and only bet with this account.

3. Find other interests to occupy your time
You know you have a problem when you arrange your social life around betting. Spending the whole weekend watching and betting on different sports for 12 hours a day is a recipe for disaster.

There is no problem with placing a small stake on a match you are watching. It adds a bit more excitement to the game and if you lose the bet it is no issue.

It might be time to rethink your gambling habits if you are betting on matches like Botosani v Gaz Metan (Romania Liga 1) or Cerrito v Racing Montevideo (Uruguay Segunda Division).

Place your bet/s in the morning and forget about them. Get out (if your able to do so) and fill your time with other hobbies. It is also important to take regular breaks from gambling.

4. Don’t gamble under the influence of drink or drugs
To be honest, after a few cans or after taking recreational drugs (or both), this is the time your at you most vulnerable. This clouds your judgement, makes you more likely to place bets you wouldn’t normally do when sober.

If you enjoy a drink at the weekend, withdraw all your money from your betting accounts. This will give you a couple of minutes to, hopefully, remind yourself that this bet is a bad idea.

Also, leaving money in your betting account makes it feel like virtual money. It is real money, ask yourself this, if it was in your pocket would you still place that bet?

To find further advice and support visit BeGambleAware’s Confidential Help pages, or read about Self-Exclusion.

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