is a free online betting portfolio tracker that helps users to analyse, track and improve their betting techniques. There is also a paid version which offers a greater in-depth analysis of your betting activity.

Logging your bets with allows you to make more informed decisions; if one strategy is working and showing a profit that’s great, however, if another is showing a loss there is no need to continue.

Signing Up

Registering to use the software is very quick and easy, you can even use your Twitter or Facebook details. Once you have filled in this form, your good to go!

Signing up is quick and easy!

Right your all signed up and ready to go! It’s onto the fun bits now.

How to log a new bet

Once logged in, you will be presented with the screen below. When you start typing in the Event box it will automatically search for that event. Once the Event is found you can start populating the fields including, bookie, tipster, stake, type of bet (back or lay) and your actual bet i.e. BTTS, Home or Away win.

How to add a bet with

How To Record Your bets

The software doesn’t automatically update your bets, you have to do that manually. Once you have inputted the result, the software updates all your graphs and displays your current Profit & Loss.

Recording your bets via

Basic Profit & Loss

The free version shows basic information regarding your ROI.

Upgraded Version

The upgraded version is ad-free and also offers more features, including the following:

  • Unlimited history at the latest bets page
  • ROI graph
  • Advanced filtering of bets
  • Advanced filtering of stats
  • Include bookie commission
  • Register Lay bets
  • Include tags in tweets

Advanced stats

Recording your bets is an essential part of a successful betting strategy and the free version of provides everything a recreational punter would need. That said, and when the time comes, the Pro version will help take your betting to the next level.

For those who want to try the service now, there are paying and free options available.