Today we are focussing on Goal Profit’s football trading strategies aimed at beginners.

Each trading strategy, comes with a walk through guide (and/or videos), highlighting, when to enter the trade; when to exit the trade and what to do if things don’t go according to plan.

Once logged in to Goal Profits, we recommend reading the Launchpad prior to doing anything else.

Once you feel ready to trade, you can find the Trading for Beginners under the Strategies tab.

There are four-options, each one is aimed at providing a simple and an easy introduction to start your football trading journey. Learn how to trade all these strategies like a professional trader.

We take a look at the First Half Lay The Draw strategy

You can filter leagues to suit your lifestyle. Stuck for time?, no problem. Just adjust the time bar to suit. Don’t trust the lower leagues?, not an issue. Just untick the leagues you don’t want to trade.

As you can see from the picture above the selections have been already picked for you! No searching through tons of data or even more importantly not interpreting the data incorrectly!

Each selection has been carefully filtered, which means, (once the criteria in the Strategy Guide has been met) you can trade these matches with the confidence that you will find more winning trades than losing ones.

As the name implies, you will be ‘laying’ the half-time draw, once the price reaches the entry point. This usually occurs around 15-20 minutes. If a goal has already been scored within that time, scrap the trade and move onto the next.

An example below shows that we have Layed The Half Time Draw for £20. If any team is winning at half time, we win £20 (minus Betfair’s commission), if it’s a draw, we lose £20.

If a goal is scored after placing our trade we want to green up as quickly as possible. Want to learn how to green up like a professional and guarantee a profit? Learn today at Goal Profits today for just £1. A serious no-brainer offer.

We do this by Backing the draw. We have 2 options at this point, either green up and take the reduced winnings or we can Back the draw for £20 and be left with a risk-free bet.

How to deal with losing trades

Not every bet will win, that just doesn’t happen. In order to be a successful trader, you need the discipline to take it on the chin and not go chasing trades.

You can have the best strategies in the world in your trading portfolio but, if you can’t control gambling urges, then you’re going to struggle to hold onto your profits.

Goal Profits Launchpad

Goal Profit’s cover this subject, along with 11 other trading related topics, in their Launchpad section. (Try Goal Profits for 7 days for just £1)