This football trading Aladins Cave will grant you three wishes; a trader mindset, profitable trading techniques and access to a great and helpful community. A must try!


Who/What is Goal Profits?

Goal Profits provides all the necessary tools, techniques and support needed to become a profitable football trader. Unlike following a tipster, GP empowers people to find winning trades and not have to rely on others. The following sums up Goal Profits nicely!

If you give a man a fish, he eats for a day; If you teach a man to fish, he eats for a lifetime.

If you want tips to be supplied on a plate (like the fish), Goal Profits is not for you. You have to be prepared to put the yards in but you will be well rewarded further down the line!

Using the Goal Profits Launchpad

The launchpad provides a step-by-step process from the Trading Basics to Advanced Trading. The great thing is that members’ can go through this at their own pace.

The Trading Basics section is the starting point for any new member and concentrates more on the mental aspects of trading. It covers 12 topics including F.O.M.O, The Power of Compounding, Recording Results and Improving Performance. The 3 tabs below give a taste of what to expect in this section.

‘It is good to set yourself targets, but don’t be too short-term with them. There is absolutely no point in giving yourself a firm daily target to hit because it will lead to you chasing losses in an effort to reach it.’ Source: Goal Profits
You can have the best strategies in the world in your trading portfolio but, if you can’t control gambling urges, then you’re going to struggle to hold onto your profits.
Part of being a successful football trader is the need to manage your bank correctly. If you can’t do this you will lose it and you will not be able to trade any longer.

Things start to increase in the Trading for Beginners section as members’ gain access to Goal Profit’s unique Team Stats software. Team Stats covers every fixture in 65+ leagues worldwide and provides you with an edge over the market. The 3 tabs below give a taste of what to expect in this section.

‘Team Stats is all about making football trading quicker and easier, so there are a number of options to help you. You can also show/hide leagues at different points of the season. For example, you may wish to hide leagues in which less than 10% of the total fixtures have been played as there won’t be much form yet.’ Source: Goal Profits
Team Stats produces over 2,000 different league tables in total. A massive time saving because analysing all that data manually, would take a huge amount of time.
The Live Stats Module tracks all in-play games covered by Team Stat. This means traders have more information to work with and the time needed for trading is much less than ever before. 

Things start to ramp up nicely within the Intermediate Trading section. Traders gain access to more complex trading strategies including first half, second half and correct score markets. This section also covers how to manage your time and how to deal with (the inevitable) losing trades. The 3 tabs below give a taste of what to expect in this section.

Patience is absolutely key – and what many struggle with. Most correct score trades end in scratch and you have to see them as acceptable outcomes while you wait for the profitable trades to come along. Source: Goal Profits 
As you trade, you will decide which strategies you like using and will go into your portfolio. You may end up with 8-10 strategies or you may settle on a much smaller number which you’re particularly comfortable with.
‘A key factor in making football trading work for you is getting your staking right. Far too many new traders stake way too much, attempting to make money from day one. Very often, that ends badly.’ Source: Goal Profits

The Advanced Trading section is much more about the mindset of experienced and professional traders and what you need to do to acquire one. If you are at the stage of wanting to build your own profitable systems, you can do this using Custom Shortlist Pro.

Football trading is not about which system you use or about how you use that particular system, trading is learning about yourself. Source: Goal Profits 
‘A wall protects you and keeps you safe. In the trading world, it is your bank. By growing your bank (building your wall) you have more protection and feel much safer when trading. The losing trades do not harm you as much and the winners compound your bank more quickly.’ Source: Goal Profits
‘Team Stats calculates fair prices for various goals markets using the last 10 home games for the home team and the last 10 away games for the away team. It then compares the fair prices with Betfair prices in order to determine whether there is any value present. Source: Goal Profits

Chat Room

Members’ are encouraged to make full use of their chat room because it contains a wealth of trading experience to call upon. Through the chat room experienced traders are able to support newer members as trades are in progress, which is very valuable indeed. You’re never alone!

Using the Forum

The form has numerous topics with thousands of posts: all dedicated to football trading. If you post a question you will get an answer from somebody who has been there, seen it and done it! There are a number of brave traders who share each of their trades with other members’ via their Trading Diaries.

Orbit (12-month members)

If you take out a 12-month membership you gain access to the ‘Orbit’ section of the Members Area. This section includes access to Free Team Stats Daily and Team Stats Archive files and also a guaranteed seat at their free trading workshops. Works out at just £1 a day!

Goal Profits Conclusion

I can honestly recommend at least trying the service for 7 days (£1 trial offer) and you won’t look back. Is it easy, no. If you want to be really successful at football trading, you will need to put the hours in.

Goal Profits will reduce your learning curve dramatically and provides a platform where you can interact with fellow traders: not to mention thousands upon thousands of stats. It’s a 10/10 for us.