There are numerous online and high street bookmakers, each offering different odds, however, most recreational punters do not pay close attention to the ones they choose and the value they offer.

Choosing the one with the highest sign-up bonus or the one with flashing banners does not mean you are getting the best odds. You should NEVER stick to one bookmarker.

Although it is tempting to feel the need to be loyal to them, or just pure laziness, it is just costing you money if that bookmarker isn’t giving you the best odds. No matter how small the difference.

By limiting their ability to take advantage of the best odds on the market, bettors are simply limiting their chances of making greater profits.

Remember this simple equation, best odds = better profit.

One bookmaker may price an outcome at 1.80, while another prices it at 1.70. Although the difference seems small, the 1.80 would return much higher profits over a long period of bets.

For example, a sports tipster you follow, provides 80 tips per month. Let’s see how this affects your bottom-line!

If you took this small odds difference and multiplied 80 tips x 12 months, using £10 stakes, you could potentially lose £960.00. This figure gets much worse if you take odds of 1.60, a boggling £1920.00.

Granted every bet won’t win, but by getting the best odds every time it ensures that you maximise the amount of profit every time.

It is a common practice for professional and high-level betters to open accounts with as many bookmakers as possible. By shopping around, they can secure the best possible odds.

Use comparison sites to secure the most profit!

You don’t have to search through each individual bookmarker’s sites every time you want to bet. Using a comparison website is just as good, as it will show you the odds of the different bookmarkers within the betting market.

Make sure to use incognito browser mode to avoid falling prey of bookmarkers who spy users to lure them into joining their sites.

Best Odds Guaranteed (BOG) is king

In the betting world, Best Odds Guaranteed is a case of having your cake and eating it. For those unsure what it means an example is given below.

You place a £10 bet at 14/1 with BOG. Your bet wins but with a starting price (SP) of 10/1. If you didn’t secure BOG your bet would return £110 but with BOG your bet pays £150. A massive £40 difference.

Wherever possible, open as many bookie accounts that offer BOG. You just can’t have enough of these.

You have to be careful with these accounts because the bookies will quickly restrict or close these accounts if they see you beating the SP on a regular basis.

Every time you place or win large amounts of money or consistently better the Starting Price, you run the risk of being limited by any bookmaker.

A couple of simple tips to help keep your accounts longer include spreading out your stake across multiple bookmakers, (under £10), placing a few accumulators AND don’t place your bets directly through odds comparison sites.

This activity shows you are shopping around for value and consistently doing this will speed up your account closure.