Predictology is one of the most innovative betting platforms that produces some of the most powerful football betting systems on the market.

The software not only provides users with the ability to create their own unique strategies; it also provides access to a batch of pre-loaded profitable systems that you can use straight away.

Introducing Predictology

In order to access the system, you must become a member.

The process is quick and easy and, at the time of posting, costs just £37.00 per month, £87.00 for 3 months, £157.00 for 6 months and £297.00 for 12 months.

Lightning quick

Using data from the top 22 European Leagues, Predictology allows members to test and assess over 200,000 football matches at the speed of light.

Historically check your new systems performance

The best way to test the effectiveness of any betting system is based over a large set of data. By using the Predictology database, you can backdate your results as far back as 2003.

Trying to achieve this manually would be very, very time consuming but Predictology can achieve this virtually instantaneous!

Instant Bet alerts

No need to log-in every day to see if there are any selections for that day. Any system that you have created will run 24/7 and will automatically email you the latest selections every day at 8am. Just like having your own personal secretary.

Bookmakers do make mistakes

Trying to search and identify mistakes in the bookies odds is, for us mere mortals, virtually impossible, however, with Predictology’s custom rating tool it is possible.

The software produces a simple ‘best value’ betting report on every match and by using clever algorithms, they cross-reference current bookmakers’ odds to find the ‘mistakes’ in the odds they are offering.

We explain why value betting is so important in gaining an edge over the bookmakers.

Predictology pays for itself from minute one

The learning curve to becoming a Predictology ninja can be a steep one.

That said, with the pre-loaded strategies, you should be turning a profit from day one.

This is one of the reasons why customer support has put together a number of detailed video guides. An in-depth user manual also explains how the various features work.

A brief overview of the system interface

The Member Area is the place to access the System Builder and also the preloaded systems.

Members also have access to the Video Guides and User Manual which provide a step-by-step guide to using the software.

Predictology Members Main Area
Predictology’s Member Area Interface

The Predictology Elo Ratings are only valid for the top 22 European football leagues and after each game they are updated automatically. All Elo ratings are only taken from league matches and represent the strength of teams within that league.

The Elo ratings are only applicable to each league but they do come in handy for Europa matches and finding a value bet.

The ratings allow you to cross-reference obscure teams playing against some of the better-known teams in the competition.

Using the System Builder

The software is very powerful and allows members to interrogate a number of parameters that returns hundreds of variables.

We don’t have enough time to run through them all but we do demonstrate how easy it is to create a system.

The different system parameters available to build each system.
The different system parameters available to build each system.

Creating a system on Predictology

Step one is to click on the Create button and then you choose a system name that best describes the system you have chosen.

It is very easy to create a system with Predictology.
It is very easy to create a system with Predictology

Using the system builder is very easy, it is just a case of clicking boxes but it does take a while to learn all the different parameters available.

Step two is to edit your system.

Choose League and Seasons

The different parameters available to help build a profitable football system.

Users can choose which league/s they want to include and also how far back they wish to backtest the data.

Removing/adding different leagues can have a dramatic effect on the profits returned for each system.

We recommend playing around with the leagues and also test the data over the last 5 years at least.

Odds and Team Filter

The different parameters help build a profitable football system including Odds and Team filters.

This screen allows members to choose matches based upon the odds of each teams.

This allows the user to remove matches in the system that returns odds-on favourites or highlight teams that are priced over 4/1.

The Form Filters provides data on the current number of winning or losing streaks, over 2.5 goals plus loads more.

Goals Scored / Conceded

Goals Scored

The Goals Scored/ Conceded section provides a number of variables including the average number of goals per match, average goals conceded by the home team and away team.

The Shots, Shots on Target & Corners provides data on the number of shots on target per game, the ratio of goals scored to shots on target, plus much, much more.

Once happy with the parameters set, your just click Create (if its the first time you have run the query) or Update (if you have changed any of the parameters) and the system will return the data in the format below.

You can see in an instant if the system will be profitable based upon data dating as far back as 2003.

The results screen shows the leagues, profit and any upcoming qualified bets.
The results screen shows the leagues, profit and any upcoming qualified bets.

Being able to zoom in on how each league is performing is an excellent feature and it allows users to remove any underperforming leagues from the system.

From the results above, and to improve the profits returned, you would remove the Bundesliga and Serie A.