The biggest challenge that every profitable bettor eventually faces is being limited, restricted or totally banned.

With this in mind, we have compiled a few guidelines that you can follow to help keep you flying under the bookies’ radar.

1. Follow the major leagues

By following the big leagues, you will have the opportunity of betting in leagues that have the highest limits. They include the Premier League, LA LIGA, Champions League, NBA and NFL, among others.

Such games are the ones that most people put their money on, implying that you can easily hide behind the mass of both profitable and non-profitable betters.

2. Bet in whole amounts

Arbitrage betting is a common tactic in sports betting. Therefore, bookmakers are on the lookout for the extraordinary bet sizes. If you decide to have a go at Arbitrage betting bet whole amounts. Rather than placing the recommended bet of £98.92, bet £100.00.

3. Do not withdraw cash often 

Avoid withdrawing money from a bookmaker on a regular basis. Bookmakers have to pay transaction fees when someone cashes out. Therefore, if you withdraw on a regular basis, this is enough reason for them to reconsider closing your account.

4. Avoid pushing the maximum limits

Usually, the bookmaker can prevent you from betting the full amount you wish to. Let’s say you want to place £350. The bookmaker might ask you to place £300. If they do so, do not place the maximum £300, but only 60 to 70 percent of the amount.

5. Place only one bet for every match

It is tempting to put in more than one stake, but do not fall into this trap. Bookmakers place betting limits for a reason, which is that they are unsure whether the odds of a game are good enough for them to make profits. If a bettor comes in and places bets over 198.5, over 199.5, over 203.5 and over 204.5, it is a sign to them that the person will get value. Bookmakers do not like it.

6. Make a small initial deposit

Always try your best to look like a recreational better.  Depositing £3,000 in a new betting account is a clear sign that you are after making profits and not a recreational punter.

7. Occasionally throw in an accumulator

Bookmakers make most of their income from accumulators. Their margins increase with every bet accumulator that a user places on the site. While matching differing value bets will give a positive expected value, it will increase your variance. So, use this tip wisely to mask your cover of a profitable bettor.

It was good knowing you!

Remember that nothing lasts forever, the more you place profitable bets on the site, the more money you make and consequently, the higher your chances of limitation.

Bookmakers will limit you eventually, thankfully, these steps will ensure that your accounts last for longer before limitation.

Kindly reproduced with permission from Trademate Sports.